Friday, December 31, 2010

HAPPY 2011 !!!!

      Wishing everyone out there a Happy 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Macyie Pails and Ornies

Every year I design a new Maddie-Pattie Pail and Ornie for Christmas, Easter..etc.. This year since I was into Penguins.. I made a Macyie Pail and Ornie.. Both came out adorable and were a big hit!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Macyie and Petunia

Introducing "MACYIE" the newest edition to the Maddie-Pattie Crew.. Isn't she a doll!! She is makes all the other Penguin gals jealous with fashionable earmuffs and scarf! And also her Best Friend "PETUNIA" sporting her fashionable hat and scarf!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Ornament Addiction

My hubster says I have an addiction.. I myself don't see it that way.. LOL When we got married his Grandmother each year gave me an ornament...A Christopher Radko to be exact.. I feel in LOVE with them instantly.. So, the tradition still continues.. Although his Grandmother has since passed on his Mom has continued the tradition :)  So, this year my mother suprised me with the newest edition to my Radko Family!! I've also inherited all my grandmother's old "Shiny Bright" ornaments which Christopher Radko eventually bought the company and brought the ornaments back into production!! YEAH TO ME!!!

I love it!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Slowly, getting back into the swing of things.. Wishing someone would eat all the Christmas cookies.. So, I don't have too..They keep calling my name everytime I walk by them.. Ha! HA! 

Finally, sitting down with a hot cup of coffee..listening to the wind outside.. Not a day to be out..but our dog Tucker thinks otherwise!! This is his kind of weather!!

Looking over my sketches in my sketch book. Trying to figure out what to do next.. Have some Valentine's card designs done..and thinking of others.. Yes, I know it's December and we just got done with Christmas! But, Valentine's goodies are already up in the stores..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These are my 3 Reasons for Living!!!

These are my girls.. Madison 14yrs, Lauren 7yrs and Morgan 11yrs.

The Three Amigos!!

This one of my Christmas card designs that is based around my 3 reasons for living!! My girls!!

A Little About Me

I'm a mom to three lively girls - Madison, Morgan, and Lauren. My husband, Mike, has his own landscaping business, which keeps him busy summer and winter. Mike was my high school sweetheart, and has been my biggest support system in helping me strive to achieve my dreams.

My interest in graphic art started with learning from my grandfather and mother, and then I went on to study illustration and graphic design at Harcum Junior College. I finished my education at Millersville University, majoring in Art Education.

People sometimes ask why my company is called Maddie-Pattie Greetings. Maddie-Pattie was named after my first-born, Madison, ..Maddie-Pattie is her nickname... I give my characters names to match their own uniqueness and characteristics.. For example, my second daughter, Morgan, loves cows, so I created "Morgie Moo" ..just for her.

I'm also asked how I manage to juggle three girls, keeping the house presentable, and designing and producing "Maddie-Pattie". The truth is, it's tough and involves lots of late nights.. With 3 girls there's always someone right next to me or someone wanting something. But, you learn to work with it, and it pretty soon becomes part of a routine and everything works out. A lot of times as I am sitting and drawing I have all 3 sitting and drawing with me. And being a stay home mom, I will cherish and always remember these moments. I want my daughters to look at me and be proud of their see my struggles and achievements.. And maybe someday want to do what Mom does.. It would be great to keep Maddie-Pattie going and see what all she can achieve too. She has been evolving since her first appearance on paper in 1996..when I was home with Madison on maternity leave.. before that, she was always in my head but never on paper, and she never had a name until Madison gave her "LIFE!"

The Greatest feeling is to see a smile of someone's face after seeing one of my Characters.. Just remember..SMILING can be contagious.