Thursday, June 30, 2011


I love the me a it's getting out of Dodge and going to another world.. To sit at the beach with your eyes closed..breeze blowing thur your hair, listening to waves crashing to the laughing and sea gulls singing away.. It's peaceful place indeed :)

I decided our bedroom and bathroom needed an update.. We colored it a calm, peaceful, happy beachy blue. The work in the bathroom is still a work in tiles for the floor etc..So, instead I decorated..( alittle impatient..LOL.. this is where I become one of the kids.. lol) Mind you the only thing I needed to purchase was the 2 frames which I found at the Dollar Store and I did enlarge photos that my daughter took. Otherwise, I had everything else on hand..I'm a big shell nut..So, each year the kiddos and I go on excursions at the beach and find lots of neat and interesting shells :)

The saying I found while blogging.. ( "If you want to know how much i love you count the waves")I can't remember where I found it.. If I come across it again I will let you know.. All, I did there was paint the saying on an old frame. The 2 dollar store frames I repainted and put in 2 Scallops shells that were a found on one of our excursions.

The budding photographer in our family (Ms. Maddie).. snapped these photos..her Great Grandma Mary would be so happy to see someone following in her footstep :)

In our bedroom I put up an old shelf and painted it and gave it a new life..Then took photos of the girls at the beach a few years back and framed them..And continued to decorate with all the fancy shells we collected over the years.

So, that's it for now.. Lots more to do and lots more open spaces on the walls to fill with great beachy goodies. I'll keep you updated as the progress continues :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blueberry Lemonade

Nothing says Summer like a  "Yum-O"..icy glass of  Blueberry Lemonade :) 


Yesterday, Blueberries were open for the pickin'!! So, today my parents braved it and took my 2 daughter's along blueberry pickin'. Lauren the 7yr old loved it!! Wondering how many made it to her tummy compared to the her bucket :) My oldest who is 14yr..loved it also until her fingers started cramping....But, all in all they picked 28lbs of blueberries!! So, all I can think of now it Violet from Willie Wonka.. We will all soon be turning blue and looking like blueberries..LOL 

Next, is what to do with our stash.. going to freeze some I know that for sure..I'm thinking muffins, pancakes, blueberry lemonade, etc..the list in my head goes on and on..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maddie-Pattie T's

Finished up a new design for my Maddie-Pattie T's.. And I think it's adorable plus the fact is my model is adorable to boot too :)  I worked with Freezer Paper this time around and I have to say..I LOVED IT.. I'm going to try a few more design's with Maddie-Pattie and see what I can do with her :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring Blossoms

Just some of the beautiful blossoms we had blooming this spring.. They looked lovely.. The peonies which are my favorite just added that special something to the yard this year.. Especially, too since they came from my grandmother's garden :)  And the iris was a bonus.. My father each year comes to the house and starts plantings blubs in secret.. We never know when or where or what he's planting till the next year..