Friday, July 8, 2011

Kutztown Festival

Wednesday we headed to Kutztown for their annual Festival.. Lots of neat crafters making their wares, animals and  food  did I mention FOOD!! This is Berks County here.. We know how to eat :) It was a hot day but the kids and my parents had a great time.. Sampled handmade Jellies,dips and even some local wine.

My oldest Daughter Maddie took my camera and off she went.. She's my "Roaming Photographer" as I call her. (Great-Grandma Mary would have been so proud).

One stand especially kept my kiddos attention.. Me I've grown up with alot of this.. I still remember seeing a Cow's Tongue in my grandparent's fridge on day.. My grandpa used to love them sliced and made into sandwiches..Mind you I'd quickly shut the fridge door and pretend I didn't see it.. YUCK!! I did want to though take a pic of something I didn't see before.. "Pickled Pig's Snout!" But, instead took the pic of "Pickled Pigs Feet" But, if you look closely to your left you will see some snouts..They had pickled everything, lamb's tongues, guinea gizzards, etc.. Unreal..
I also, did take a pic of an adorable little Amish boy.. Love his blue eyes!! The kiddos kept telling me to put my camera down but I couldn't resist..

Next, was pics taken my by oldest mentioned above.. she loves animals.. So, off we went to the Children's petting zoo..

Morgie feeding the Baby Goats..
Doesn't this Bunny look like an Easter Card?! Adorable!!

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