Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's the oddest places where an Idea will strike with me.. That's why I always have a sketch book either in my purse or in the car. Was at the dealership waiting on an oil change for my car.. When I thought.. I haven't done any new designs for a Birthday Line.. Well, put my pencil to paper and off I went..Right, next to me was my youngest sketching away on a "Bunny with Carrots" and then I look over to see her sketching "Bathing Suit Designs"..LOL Her mind is constantly going..she amazes me each and everyday ..The sketch below is one of hers.. She just came in the office and sat down and drew a Rooster or a Chicken as she calls it..(I know she's my daughter but for 7yrs I was impressed!!)
All 3 of my girls have artistic talent.. But, all in 3 different directions. My oldest Maddie has in artistic eye when it comes to photograpy.. My second oldest Morgie.. loves her artistic avenue goes in that direction...It's amazing to see all 3 of them in action :)

Gotta a little sidetracked didn't I ???!! Sorry, just a bit proud of my girlies!!! I did get though a few sketches at the dealership done. And I know I'll be changing them along the way.. But, here is a preview of one..What do you think?

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