Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Storm

Last night came our 3rd Snow Storm in a row.. Yes, we had a break in between and we sure didn't get hit as hard as the upper states did.. That was us last year.. I still have the vision in my head...IT WAS ALOT OF SNOW!!

The kiddos were disappointed that they only got a 2hr delay since all the praying for a day off didn't work :( 

Was out bright and early this morning shoveling the driveway.. Which doesn't look that long until you have to shovel it..uggh.. And those of you that know us.. Yes, Mike has all the materials to make my life easier..being a landscaper and all. But, you know the saying with the Shoemaker and his kids.. Everyone else gets helped expect the family.. LOL 

So, my trusty shovel and I went out and shoveled away.. My oldest Maddie did come out and help until her bus came.. She will be tired today...

But, I did stop and take in the sites around our house.. I love when it snows.. To see the fresh snow and peacefulness it brings..Makes me Happy :)

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