Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here's Tucker!!

This is Tucker.. our 2 yr. old Golden Retriever..Who thinks he's a lap dog weighing in at 75lbs.. He loves to cuddle with blankets and pillows as you can see.. Any blankets that are on the ground he thinks are fair game.. Last night my youngest brought her pillow down and sleeping bag and was chillin in the living room.. She leaves for a few minutes and guess who moves in..LOL

This photo was actually taken by my 7yr old.. I think she did a great job :)


Nicole said...

He is beautiful....we need to get outs together and have a "play" date! And I need to post a picture of Coco, geesh, do I have any?? Bad me!

T said...

That would be fun to do.. .. Tucker doesn't have anyone to play with other then the kiddos!! Yes, please get some pics up of Coco!! Take some pics!!

LV said...

What a cute "Tuker"shot. She did an excellent job on catching it so well.

monah said...

Kids and pets are a cute combination. When my niece and nephews sat on the couch, their dog would tattle to my brother. She wanted to sleep on the couch & she wanted the kids to move. We could all write a book.
Thanks for sharing & visit me too.